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B.A. / M.A. Program

The Department of Sociology offers a five-year B.A./M.A. program to eligible students with outstanding academic records (minimum 3.5 GPA). A student starts with a recommendation and sequence of courses from the department chair. The student must then get approval from the department and the dean of undergraduate studies by submitting an application for the B.A./M.A. program.

Once admitted into the program students are allowed to begin work toward a master's degree during both semesters of their senior year. Certain courses within and outside the major field may be waived in favor of graduate courses, which will be counted toward the courses necessary for the bachelor's degree. All requirements for the bachelor's degree must be completed within four years of matriculation and before credits towards the master's degree may be applied. All master's degree credits must be completed within five years of matriculation; otherwise, the double course credits are forfeited.

The following information will be helpful for planning a sequence of courses:

* Credits required for bachelor's degree: 40 courses (120 credits).
* Credits required for the master's degree: 30 credit hours.
* Suggested graduate course sequence.